Photo Organising

Printed photos can be sorted, curated and indexed. They can be collated chronologically or by theme.

Digital photos can be gathered from multiple devices and then sorted, curated and indexed into one, neat catalogue. Duplicates of images can be removed during the process.


After using Mylio personally for over 10 years, I was pleased to have the opportunity to become a certified Mylio consultant. I am happy to recommend Mylio for the following reasons:

  • Mylio Photos makes enjoying even the largest photo library—including finding and sharing important memories—easy and intuitive.
  • Enrich your photos with details about the people, events, and locations that matter. This information is easy to share and make available for future generations.
  • Mylio Photos is the perfect way to collect everything that matters to you, not just photos but mutiple file types.
  • Mylio Photos is a single, cloud-independent home for a lifetime of photos and videos.

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Media Conversion

I convert analogue media to digital, I can handle films in various formats, including: VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm & Hi8 formats. The resulting MP4 can be put on a DVD or a USB drive. I also convert 8mm and super 8 cine film reels.

Backup Solutions

Once you have a collection of digital images you need to be sure you have a backup of them.

I can advise on, and if required create a 3-2-1 backup solution for you, giving you peace of mind for the safety of your collection.

Bespoke Solutions

Every photo management project is unique and will be led by your personal goals for your collection.

If the service you feel you require has not been listed, please contact us anyway and let us work out what bespoke, creative solution is required for you.